Our Story

"Necessity is the mother of invention."

- Plato

Imagine missing 41% of your practice's inbound telephone calls during a global pandemic.

Now, envision this happening in Los Angeles, California, where staffing costs increased by almost 15% in a single year, and staff shortages made it nearly impossible to keep a busy clinic open. While the practice in this story had a longstanding reputation for excellent service and quality care, their operational ship was sinking, along with patient satisfaction. The communication gaps negatively impacted patient satisfaction, staff morale, and revenue.

My Practice Bridge was born when Tania Chevalier, CMPE, the Principal Consultant at TurnKeyMD, tackled this complex operational problem for a prominent orthopedic group. She leveraged HIPAA-compliant Web Chat and SMS Text technology, combined with highly skilled offshore staffing solutions.

The newly assembled Patient Concierge Team worked closely with clinic leadership and frontline staff to gain a deep understanding of the practice's normal call flows. This information was then translated into written Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and a rich Internal Knowledge Base. Under Tania's direction, the team created Templated Responses, resulting in high-quality written communication intended to guide the engagement flow. This saved time and reduced spelling and grammar errors, supporting the practice's commitment to excellence.

Once the new external team was fully trained and connected in real-time with the internal team through the use of RingCentral's telephone and messaging system, both teams came together to better serve the patients. Because everyone could work within the same cloud-based EHR platform, the entire team seamlessly collaborated on scheduling and managing patient inquiries. Patient escalations were quickly routed to various departments (Clinical, Benefits, Leadership, Billing) internally, and all conversation loops were closed appropriately.

What happened next was truly amazing.

After only a few hours of going live with Web Chat and SMS text capabilities, patients began to engage, engage, engage! In the first week, the Patient Concierge Team had served dozens of patients, and several of those patients gave immediate positive feedback to providers inside the exam rooms.

Here's what happened over the next 90 days:

6.9% Missed Calls

Remember the 41% missed calls? That was reduced to 6.9%! Now, imagine THAT type of positive impact.

Call Volume Dropped by 22%

Call volume dropped by 22%. Why? People weren't calling, waiting on hold, and then calling back, hoping to get lucky on the next try while playing telephone roulette.

Internal Staff Were Less Burdened

Internal staff were less burdened… less, but not completely. Progress, not perfection!

How Revenue is Immediately Impacted

An average of 101 MORE new patients were scheduled each month. How much is a new patient worth to your practice? $150, $300, $500+ - This is how revenue is immediately impacted. Scheduling new patients who decide to engage because they could engage by Web Chat or Text from their phone without calling.

Much Higher Quality Encounter

Patients received a much higher quality encounter via Web Chat or Text because they had the full attention of the Patient Concierge Team.

After evaluating the consistent positive impact on this practice, Tania Chevalier became even more committed to bringing this unique program to as many practices as possible. It is her mission to help healthcare providers attract, serve, and delight more patients in their communities.

Meet Our Leadership Team

Tania Chevalier, CMPE

Founder + Chief Executive Officer

Tania Chevalier is a seasoned healthcare professional with over 30 years of experience in the industry. She is the founder and CEO of My Practice Bridge, a company dedicated to helping healthcare providers attract, serve, and delight patients in their communities. Tania's extensive background in coaching and guiding physicians and healthcare professionals in the business of medicine has given her a profound understanding of the challenges and opportunities in healthcare.

Under her leadership, My Practice Bridge offers a cutting-edge tech stack and a unique, best-in-class service that equips healthcare providers and their staff with innovative, yet straightforward solutions to bridge the communication gap with patients. Tania and her team provide personalized support and training to help clients optimize their workflows, increase revenue, and enhance patient satisfaction. Her ultimate goal is to empower healthcare providers to focus on their core mission of delivering quality care while ensuring a 5-star patient experience.

In addition to her role at My Practice Bridge, Tania's career also includes her tenure as CEO and principal consultant of TurnKeyMD. With more than 25 years of dedication to supporting and improving healthcare practices across the United States, she has focused on medical practice start-ups, enhancing practice profitability, improving patient experiences, and managing mergers and acquisitions. Tania holds a real estate salesperson license in Texas, and is a Certified Medical Practice Executive (CMPE) certified by the Medical Group Management Association (MGMA).

Peter Chevalier, MBA

Chief Experience Officer

Peter Chevalier is Chief Experience Officer of My Practice Bridge. He brings over 15 years of Customer Experience and Contact Center Development and Management. Peter has a successful track record as a senior leader building and managing teams at scale.

Prior to his role at My Practice Bridge, Peter served as Vice President of Customer Care at TurnKeyMD. At TurnKeyMD, Peter led the development and execution of medical startup best practices, including internal/external call center operations, project management, and workforce standard operating procedures.

Prior to TurnKeyMD, Peter held various senior leadership roles spanning the Call Center Industry, including Sr. Director of Call Center Operations at Rocket Homes, Call Center Director at Auction.com, and Client Support Manager at Quest Diagnostics. Throughout his career, Peter has successfully managed and scaled organizations in excess of 40 individuals and $10M in annual revenue.

Brian Dean, MSF

VP of Finance

Brian Dean is VP of Finance of My Practice Bridge. He brings a broad range of experience to his role across Finance, Marketing, and Corporate Strategy. Brian has a successful track record in capital markets, product strategy, and scaling private technology companies.

Concurrent to his role at My Practice Bridge, Brian is a Strategic Finance Manager at Kajabi, a SaaS Technology Company valued at $2B with over $550M in funding. At Kajabi, Brian leads and executes across all aspects of annual revenue budgeting, financial reporting, capital markets, product strategy, go-to-market strategy, and cross-functional operations.

Prior to Kajabi, Brian held various roles across Financial Services, including Technology Investment Banking at Morgan Stanley and Royal Bank of Canada totaling over $40B in public markets transactions, and Investment Associate at Covington Capital Management, an independent Registered Investment Advisor with over $2B in assets under management.

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